You are now located at the Highland Theatre at 2533 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

What’s a Ward 7 hidden treasure in plain sight? The Highland Theatre! The theatre opened in 1940 and could seat 746 people. It featured films on one large cinematic screen. Designed by John Eberson in Streamline Moderne style, the theater closed in 1977. The Highland Theatre serves as a tangible artifact to remind us how the arts have long been vital for Penn Ave East.

Image: A drumming event hosted by the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative (Image credit: Ward 7 Arts Collaborative)

Local arts groups are constantly evolving. One group website that we highlight is DC Artists East, a place for increasing visibility and curating artistic works representing east of the river artists. Until recently, the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative was another group that brought artists to showcase their creative works and encouraged youth to nurture their artistic talents. You can find some of the people who were involved in their archived Facebook group.)

Image: DC Artist East curates artistic works on their site (Image Credit: Artist Zsudayka Nzinga)

Our neighborhood proudly participates in the Art All Night annual DC-wide event that celebrates arts. DC Art All Night activates in all 8 wards and 16 neighborhoods for residents and visitors to explore local businesses and artists while celebrating the arts and culture of the District during the Creative Economy month.

Ward 7 also serves as an incubator for community art groups, such as Life Pieces to Masterpieces. The group combines artistic expression and human development approaches to unlock the potential and transform the lives of African American boys and young men and their communities. Another deeply committed arts organization is the Northeast Performing Arts Group which has served the community for 42 years and counting. The group develops the creative talents of youth from the Northeast and Southeast corridors of D.C. through performing and visual arts while teaching them discipline, commitment, and team motivation.

Have an idea? If you think there are some essential arts and culture that represent the neighborhood and should be shown here, please use our suggestion form to add your ideas, and optionally to be contacted when we meet to revise this page content.


Congress Heights on the Rise. DC Artists East seeks Ward 7 and Ward 8 Creatives by Nikki Peele on January 7, 2021.